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Rollerhook Trellising for Greenhouse



Rollerhook Trellising for Greenhouses

Rollerhook Trellising has never been so simple.

The Rollerhook is a state-of-the-art trellising hook. The unique design of the roller hook enables the worker to easily, rapidly, and safely lower lean tomato or cucumber plants.

In one smooth motion, the worker simply steadies the plant with one hand on the trellising twine, squeezes the lock with the other hand, then slides the entire unit down the supporting overhead wire an appropriate distance as he simultaneously lowers the plant.

The difficult and time-consuming motion of holding up the plant while unhooking, unwinding, and rehooking the conventional twine hooks is eliminated. The specialized lock also prevents the unit from accidentally coming off the supporting overhead wire.


Rollerhook trellising Greenworld Co. Ltd Mauritius Rollerhook trellising Greenworld Co. Ltd Mauritius

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